1. Diets dominated by rapidly absorbed carbohydrates produce chronically high levels of insulin.

  2. Excess Insulin signalling alone can explain obesity, inflammation and insulin resistance progressing to diabetes.

High insulin levels (from diet) cause:




 It is important to reduce high insulin levels simply by avoiding rapidly absorbed carbohydrates that spike blood glucose 


The Insulin Tsunami

  • Across modern societies most people are experiencing chronically high levels of insulin from diets dominated by rapidly absorbed carbohydrates
  • Insulin is the hormone that directs food into fat stores and high levels of insulin and glucose will constantly syphon calories into fat stores and stimulate increased food consumption for energy needs.
  • Recently Insulin itself has been found to directly increase inflammation throughout the body and diet driven insulin excess may be the precipitating cause of Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Inflammation is the most important risk factor for heart disease, stroke, cancer, etc.
  • No decrease in the epidemic of obesity and diabetes can occur without specifically addressing the route cause—chronically high levels of insulin from diets dominated by rapidly absorbed carbohydrates

Insulin is a vital hormone regulating many more processes than just blood glucose levels such as growth and development but once we are fully grown insulin continues to drive ever increasing waistlines, metabolic disturbances and age related diseases.  Even small amounts, such as 50 grams of rapidly digested carbohydrates spike glucose levels and produce large increases in insulin secretion that not only produce insidious weight gain but a cell signaling pattern that increases our risk of age related diseases. Unfortunately rapidly digestible carbohydrates have become the staple foods of modern societies and it requires a great deal of effort and commitment to avoid them. 50-60% of all calories consumed in the Western Diet are high glycemic starches and sweeteners such as flour, potatoes, rice, corn syrup, corn flour and sugar.



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