About Us

Prevention:   an action that makes it difficult for bad things to happen.

Prevention-Nutrition is a company created by physicians interested in promoting health through nutrition.  

IMG_2492Lead researcher and product developer Dr. Gerald Davies, lives in Shrewsbury, UK  retired anesthesiologist with a lifelong interest in preventive medicine, graduated at University of Wales College of Medicine in 1973.  The nutritional aspects of preventive medicine have been a lifelong interest but since retiring from mainstream medicine  I have followed fascinating developments in molecular biology and the mechanisms of aging where age related diseases are now our main public health problems.

I have a unique perspective from combining my interest in molecular biology and preventive medicine with practical cooking and menu creation. In 2008 I created LonJevity; a restaurant in Sarasota, Florida dedicated to health education by providing an enjoyable experience of healthy nutrition. My expertise at the restaurant was baking and I developed low glycemic, high fiber, high phytonutrient versions of bread, pizza, and all sorts of desserts but had to grind seeds and mix different ingredients to make up our own flour.  I know first hand how laborious and expensive this process is for those private and commercial bakers who would like to make significantly healthier products and we want to make them economically competitive, easy and enjoyable.


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